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Admission requirements:

Your pet must be up to date on its vaccinations and be identified by a tattoo or a microchip.

You must provide an up-to-date health card for each of its stays.

The mandatory vaccinations are:

for dogs: Distemper - Heartworm - Leptospirosis - Hepatitis-Rubarth's Kennel cough

for cats: Coryza - Typhus - Leukemia (recent tests FeLV and FIV are necessary )

An anti parasitic treatment (fleas and ticks) is also essential for the comfort of all.

For dogs in category 1 and 2: The Kennels only accept dogs evaluated at Level 1.

When you arrive with your dog, please hand in the behavioural assessment certificate for your pet, as well as the insurance certificate and the obligatory registry declaration from the Town Hall.

We do not accept female dogs in heat. If, however, they come on heat during their stay with us, the cost of sprays needed to appease their anger as well as visits to the vet will be charged to you.

As for cats, both males and females should be sterilized to avoid that you have to deal with the consequences of a summer romance ....